Opening Scandinavian Tolling Network: DKV Mobility partners with tolltickets One-box solution for DKV Mobility customers starts in January 2022

DKV Mobility, one of the leading European mobility service providers and Tolltickets, one of the leading providers of European tolling services, have recently announced their new partnership. Starting with a pilot at the end of 2021, all DKV Mobility customers can access the Scandinavian tolling network with a one-box solution provided by Tolltickets from January 2022. This service aptly fits DKV Mobility’s offer to all its customers for ease and convenience while driving through toll stations on Scandinavian roads.


DKV Mobility customers will now get to experience comprehensive benefits of a fully integrated solution which broadens accessibility to roads, bridges, and ferries in Norway, and the Öresund and Störebelt bridges in Sweden and Denmark. “DKV Mobility already has a broad portfolio of its own including third-party OBUs. In making this conscious decision, our customers’ interest remains our utmost priority,” says Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director Toll at DKV Mobility. “We are very happy to be in this valuable partnership with Tolltickets, to be able to offer our customers in Scandinavia an even smoother driving experience – saving time as they simply drive through toll stations”.


Quentin Couret, Chief Operating Officer at Tolltickets, adds: “It is a solid recognition for us. Our agile organisational structure and problem-solving philosophy drive us every single day to continuously design tailor-made solutions for our partners and customers. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with DKV Mobility”.