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In Hungary, the freeways, expressways and certain stretches of national main roads may only be used upon payment of a toll (freeway fee), i.e. by purchasing an e-vignette. Buy your digital vignette for Hungary here and you are free to go immediately.

Important notes for use

  • In order to select the correct vignette category, the following information from the vehicle registration document is relevant:
    • S.1 – number of seats according to registration
    • F.1 – permissible total weight
    • J – vehicle type (vehicle for passenger transport or for goods transport)
    • Vehicles of class M = passenger transport
    • vehicles of class N = carriage of goods
  • The Hungarian e-Vignette is not delivered by mail. After successful order, a confirmation voucher is sent immediately by e-mail, which must be printed out and carried in the vehicle.
  • The confirmation voucher and the registration certificates of the vehicle and the trailer have to be carried in the vehicle for control purposes
  • The validity date is determined during the order process. Start of validity can be on the same day of ordering.
  • The “1 week” vignette is valid for 10 days (from the selected day plus 9 additional days).
  • The “1 year” vignette is valid from the selected day until 31.01. of the following year.
  • Changes of data and cancellations cannot be made by tolltickets.
  • Umlauts, spaces, and hyphens are adjusted according to the toll operator when entering the license plate number.
  • The Hungarian e-Vignette is excluded from the right of withdrawal.

Validity and Use

All Hungarian toll freeways and expressways marked with an M are subject to tolls. in Hungary all motor vehicles up to and including 3.5t are subject to a toll sticker (e-vignette). Passenger cars with more than 7 seats are subject to higher tolls. The same applies to towing vehicles such as trucks and motor homes. Only certain routes can be used free of charge (e.g. the entire section of the M31 freeway). The Hungarian vignette, the e-Matrica, controls the toll online via the vehicle license plate. The price category is determined according to the official entry in the registration certificate. The vignette receipt must be kept for two years for evidence purposes in case of later complaints. We recommend that you obtain the e-vignette in good time before driving on toll roads.

e-Vignette types

1 day e-vignette

The 1 day e-vignette is valid on the day of purchase from the exact time of completion of the purchase (In the case of advance purchase, it is valid from midnight to midnight on the day given on purchase.)

10 day e-vignette

The 10 day e-vignette is valid for the start day indicated by the customer and an additional 9 days, for a total of 10 consecutive calendar days, until 00:00 of the 10th day.

Monthly e-vignette

The monthly e-vignette is valid from the start day indicated by the customer to 00:00 of the same (numerical) day of the next month: if there is no day of the same number in the expiration month, then the vignette is valid until 00:00 the last day of the month.

County e-vignette

The county e-vignette is an annual, territory-based vignette available for vehicles in categories D1M, D1, D2, U and B2, granting road use authorization on the toll speedway network of a specific county. More than one regional county e-vignette may be purchased for the same vehicle. The validity of this type of e-vignette is the same as the validity period of the annual road use authorization. The territorial scope of the county e-vignette extends outside the relevant county, up to the first junction past the county border. 

Validity: Valid for all the roads of the County indicated by the customer. Valid from the first day of the reference year until 00:00 January 31 of the year following the reference year. In case of purchase within the period of validity, the vignette provides road use authorization from the time of purchase. County e-vignettes may be purchased simultaneously for several different counties.

Yearly highway vignette

The yearly highway vignette is valid for all toll roads in Hungary. The validity starts from the first day of the reference year until 00:00 January 31 of the year following the reference year. In case of purchase within the period of validity, the vignette provides road use authorization from the time of purchase.

Toll-free road sections

There are also toll-free sections in the toll road network of Hungary. According to the regulation in effect from February 18, 2022, the following roads may be used free of charge:

  • The following sections of highway M0:
    • the section between main road no. 1 and highway M5
    • the section between road M4 (marked motorway number 4) and highway M3
    • Megyeri Bridge (the section between main road no. 2 and main road no. 11)
  • the section of the M30 motorway between the Miskolc-South and Miskolc-North junctions
  • Motorway M31
  • the section of Speedway M4 between Vecsés and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
  • the section of the Speedway M4 between Abony-North and Törökszentmiklós-West
  • Speedway M44
  • the Pécs Southwest bypass section of Motorway M60 between roads 58 and 5826
  • the section of the M76 speedway between Balatonszentgyörgy/Balatonberény and Keszthely‑Fenékpuszta
  • Motorway M8
  • Speedway M80
  • the section of Speedway M9 between Main Roads 6 and 51
  • the Kaposvár bypass section of Speedway M9 (Main Road 61 sign).

Observe: Unauthorised road use

Driving on a road section subject to tolls without a road use permit or without a valid permit is considered as unauthorised road usage. The road-user authorisation is invalid if:

  • The fee category for the chosen authorisation is lower than the fee category for the inspected vehicle (with trailer)

  • The number plate stated on the counterfoil or the reconfirmation does not accord with the actual vehicle number plate

  • The period of validity for the vignette has expired or has not yet begun

  • The confirmation voucher together with the registration certificates of the vehicle and the trailer cannot be shown at control

Vehicle classes

  • D1 - vehicles suitable for transporting a maximum of 7 persons and tow

  • D1M - motorcycles

  • D2 - vehicles suitable for transporting more than 7 persons, freight vehicles up to 3,5 tons, mobile homes

  • B2 - buses with 9 or more permanent seats, automobiles made for passenger transport

  • U - trailers towed by vehicles in fee categories D2 and B2


Vehicles in the other categories (lorries heavier than 3.5t must use the HU-GO system. More information: HU-GO Electronic Toll System

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