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In Austria, a route toll applies on six sections of highways and expressways. At tolltickets you can purchase the digital route toll easily and conveniently before your journey here (link) in the webshop.

In addition, you need a digital vignette or a paper vignette on all other sections of the highways and expressways. You can also easily book these vignettes at tolltickets here.

Important notes for use

  • The digital route toll control section must be carried in digital form on the smartphone or in printed form. You will receive this control section by e-mail after successfully booking the digital section toll ticket.
    -  A single journey on your digital route toll ticket is validated in the system when you pass through the relevant toll station.
    -  Motorcyclists with a digital section toll ticket must stop at the toll booth and present the control section for scanning. Reason: The cameras for the digital section toll compare the license plates from the front and rear.
    -  You can easily change the license plate number free of charge in your user account as long as the single journey has not yet been validated.
    -    You can cancel the digital route toll free of charge within 14 days of the date of purchase  Further information can be found under FAQs.
  • For assistance with the usage and management of Austrian Digital Vignettes or Digital Section Toll—including purchase confirmations, validity date and vehicle modifications, or product cancellations—please contact us +49 8031 94144594. Our service is available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

The following sections are subject to Digital Section Toll

-  A 9 Pyhrn Autobahn: between the Spital/Pyhrn junction and the Ardning junction (Bosruck Tunnel) and between the St. Michael and Übelbach junctions (Gleinalm Tunnel).
-  A 10 Tauern Autobahn: between the Flachau junction and the Rennweg junction (Tauern and Katschberg tunnels)
-  A 11 Karawanken highway: between the St. Jakob im Rosental junction and the national border in the Karawanken tunnel.
-  A 13 Brenner Autobahn: the entire A 13 is subject to a route toll.
-  S 16 Arlberg expressway: between the St. Anton am Arlberg junction and the Langen am Arlberg junction.
(closed due to renovation measures from April 15 to November 22, 2024)

Validity and use

-  The Digital Section Toll tickets are linked to the license plate and route. Each ticket is valid for one journey in one direction for one year from the start date you select.
-  You can also book Digital Section Toll tickets for two journeys as well as several section toll tickets for the same or different routes in the tolltickets webshop.
-  If you have a valid Digital Section Toll ticket, you can use the lane marked green on the far left at the toll booths or any open lane at the toll booth. Your vehicle registration number will be recognized electronically at the toll station and the barrier will open automatically.

License plate entry for Digital Section Toll in Austria

When entering your license plate number, please compare the data with your vehicle registration document. Austrian and German license plates must be entered with a hyphen instead of the coat of arms or the badges. This also applies to transfer, short-term or diplomatic license plates. Black Austrian license plates must be entered without dots or hyphens:

-    Permitted characters: [A-Z], [Ä,Ö,Ü], [0-9], [-]
-    Example for Austria: W-12345X
-    Example for Germany: B-AB1234
-    German E-plates are to be entered with the "E" at the end of the number plate.
-    German classic car number plates are to be entered with the "H" at the end of the number plate.

Applicable for all other countries: The license plate number must be entered without special characters.

-    Permitted characters: [A-Z], [Ä,Ö,Ü], [0-9]
-    Example for Italy: AB123CD