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In Austria, all motor vehicles up to and including 3.5t are subject to tolls on motorways. This toll is levied on vehicles in the form of a Paper Vignette or a Digital Vignette.

Advantages of the Digital Vignette

-  Validity immediately after purchase is possible
-  No processing- or dispatch fees
-  No need to attach / remove a Paper Vignette from the Windshield
-  It is possible to modify the license plate or the starting date of the validity (comfortably) online – as long as the validity has not begun yet. 

Important notes for use

  • For cars with trailers or caravans, the technically permissible maximum laden mass of the car as a towing vehicle is relevant for determining the vignette. If the permissible technical maximum laden mass of 3.5 tons is not exceeded, only a car vignette is required.
    - If the technically permissible maximum laden mass is over 3.5 tons, you will need a toll box
    -  If a digital vignette is not purchased or a paper vignette is attached to the vehicle, a fine of up to €240 will be levied. If you do not pay the fine immediately on the spot, an administrative penalty procedure will be initiated, which is associated with considerably higher costs (€300 - €3,000).
    -  A (digital) route toll is required for cost-intensive route sections. At tolltickets you can purchase the Digital Section toll easily and conveniently here in the webshop.
  • For assistance with the usage and management of Austrian Digital Vignettes or Digital Section Toll—including purchase confirmations, validity date and vehicle modifications, or product cancellations—please contact us +49 8031 94144594. Our service is available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Validity and Use

Digital Vignette for Austria

-  With tolltickets, you can easily and conveniently purchase the 1-day-vignette, or the 10-day-vignette in digital form before your journey from our web shop. 
-  Upon booking a digital vignette, the vehicle category, the desired validity period, the start of the validity, as well as the license plate of the vehicle have to be indicated. 
-  1-day Digital Vignette
The 1-day Digital Vignette is valid from the desired time / day you choose, starting at midnight and ending at 23:59 on the same day.
-  10-day Digital Vignette
The validity of the 10-day Digital Vignette extends from the starting day you specify and over the following 9 calendar days until 23:59 on the last day. For example, if you purchase a 10-day Digital Vignette for August 10, it will remain valid from 00:00 on August 10 until 23:59 on August 19.
-  The order confirmation, which includes the required control section “Voucher”, will be sent to you by email shortly (a few minutes) after the successful purchase.

Paper Vignette Austria

-  Tolltickets offers Austrian paper vignette with validity periods of 2 months or 1 year. The annual vignette includes the last month of the previous year and the first month of the following year. The validity of a paper vignette depends on the period stated on your ticket.
-  Austrian paper / sticker vignettes are excluded from the right of withdrawal as these are products that are personalized for a customer (with the exception of the annual vignette).
-  The vignette is only valid when it is affixed to the inside of the windshield outside a tinted strip. An undamaged vignette is proof of proper payment of the toll.
-  The paper / sticker vignette is being sent to you by post.

Exceptions from the Vignette

Motorways free of charge
The following motorway sections may be driven on without a Vignette: 
-  A1 West motorway - Walserberg border crossing to Salzburg-Nord (province of Salzburg) 
-  A12 Inntal motorway - Kiefersfelden border crossing to Kufstein-Süd (Tyrol) 
-  A14 - Hörbranz border crossing to Hohenems (Vorarlberg) 
-  A26 Linz motorway Westring - (Upper Austria) 

License plate entry for the Digital Vignette

When entering your license plate number, please compare the data with your vehicle registration document. Austrian and German license plates must be entered with a hyphen instead of the coat of arms or the badges. This also applies to transfer, short-term or diplomatic license plates. Black Austrian license plates must be entered without dots or hyphens:

-    Permitted characters: [A-Z], [Ä,Ö,Ü], [0-9], [-]
-    Example for Austria: W-12345X
-    Example for Germany: B-AB1234
-    German E-plates are to be entered with the "E" at the end of the number plate.
-    German classic car number plates are to be entered with the "H" at the end of the number plate.

Applicable for all other countries: The license plate number must be entered without special characters.

-    Permitted characters: [A-Z], [Ä,Ö,Ü], [0-9]
-    Example for Italy: AB123CD

What our customers say

Fantastic customer service and value for money!!

We have been using tolltickets for 11 years and just wanted to highlight how amazing a service they provide. We travel regularly through Italy, France and Austria and do not lose any time queuing - makes vacations stress-free. We have never had any technical issues, or packages lost, for over 10 years, great service.

Thank you all at the tolltickets team :)

Alex P

Fantastic Customer Service.
We ordered well in time prior to our travel.
However due to postal strikes & brexit, they didn't arrive on time.
Tolltickets were very understanding, and very helpful. Everything was done via email. They respond almost instantly. I wish more companies were like them, The world would be a better place if everyone worked to their standards. Thank you so much for your prompt responses, 1st class Customer service and the politeness of your whole team. We will definitely use you again next time we need the tollticket machines. Kind regards, Mr & Mrs Watson

Cherie Watson

I have been using Tolltickets for the past 5 years and they have been consistently super efficient. Their customer service has always been very good and delivery of Swiss vignettes extremely prompt and have never had any problems with picking up my toll boxes nor any problems with paying the invoices.

Anne Paul

We had been using the toll boxes for France and Spain from the company tolltickets for many years. Purchasing and installing the devices was very uncomplicated. The devices always worked perfectly at every toll station. The billing of the toll costs was carried out in a way that was absolutely comprehensible and was always correct. Within one day, we received competent, friendly and solution-oriented answers from the support team to inquiries by e-mail. Over the years we have always had a positive impression and can highly recommend this company and their products. We no longer need the toll boxes, but we would like to thank tolltickets for the very pleasant cooperation!

Franziska Steiner Wermuth

Have been using the transponder in Italy since 2020. So far there have never been any problems. Inquiries to tolltickets are usually answered promptly.

Torsten Kipping

Within a week, the sticker was shipped to me, very fast! And what is, for any additional questions, very quickly answered, and well detailed. I would recommend later on this site. 👍🏼

Greg Hii