tolltickets / Kapsch TrafficCom Trend-Monitor 2021

Three quarters of vacationers in Germany are most likely to travel by car this year. However, around 60 percent fear traffic jams on the autobahns, long waits at toll stations, and stop-and-go in tourist-attractive metropolises. These are the results of the tolltickets Trend Monitor 2021. N=1,000 German citizens were surveyed by a market research institute on a representative basis.


"The car is currently experiencing a renaissance as the preferred means of transport for vacation travel," says Wolfgang Ressler from Kapsch TrafficCom subsidiary tolltickets. "In times of pandemic, 94 percent of Germans rate the car as a safe or very safe means of transport. By comparison, airplanes, trains and ships are rated as less safe or even unsafe by more than 60 percent."


What means of transportation do you consider safe or unsafe in Corona times? A vacation trip...


tolltickets Trend-Monitor 2021