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As well as offering a wide range of products for the majority of European countries, tolltickets offers you the best coverage in Europe. Do you have large fleets of light vehicles? Then you've come to the right place with tolltickets!
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Discover our map for our services in Europe

Tolltickets is a pioneer in offering a pan-European tolling solution for light-vehicles.


          Toll device


Light Vehicles map coverage toll device and vignettes

Our products

Our regional toll device

if you are driving exclusively in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia, our regional toll device is the perfect solution for your fleet.

You can activate only the countries you need.

Our regional toll device  is a very handy, simple and robust device. There is no need to charge your device, there is also no LED and no screen. Hang your OBU on your windshield and drive!

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Our vignettes

For some countries you cannot pay the toll with a tag but you need to buy a vignette. You can purchase the following vignettes from tolltickets:

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Figures on tolltickets activities

For more than 15 years, we have been developing tolling services to cover the needs of our partners.

  •  Tolltickets serves 15 countries
  •  More than 100,000 Vehicles already equipped
  •  Hundreds of millions € toll already collected

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            • Italy
            • Spain
            • Portugal
            • Switzerland
            • Austria
            • Norway
            • Denmark
            • Sweden
            • Bulgaria
            • Hungary
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