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Toll boxes: Western Europe

For those who want everything in one package. Unlimited travel to four of Europe's most popular vacation countries with one single toll box.

Toll boxes: Individual Favorites

From weekend trips to family vacations, no matter how often: get to your vacation destination quickly and conveniently.

toll box from tolltickets
  • Italy
toll box from tolltickets small view
  • France
toll box from tolltickets small view
  • Spain
  • Portugal
toll box from tolltickets small view
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden

Paper vignettes

Vignettes that must be affixed to the windshield. Available for Austria and Switzerland

Paper vignette Austria 2023
  • Austria
Paper vignette Switzerland 2023
  • Switzerland


Electronic vignettes that require only online vehicle registration and are recognized electronically on the highway. Start your trip immediately and completely digital.

Electronic vignette Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria
Electronic vignette Hungary
  • Hungary


Holders for toll boxes

Toll box holders