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Unlock the ultimate convenience of traveling through Scandinavia with the tolltickets toll box Scandinavia. Say goodbye to toll complications as you effortlessly navigate the toll network covering freeways, highways, bridges, tunnels, and ferries in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Simply drive onto the designated green lanes and enjoy seamless journeys. Plus, enjoy rebates of up to 62% depending on the toll charger. With automatic debit to your account, paying tolls, bridge fees, and ferry charges has never been easier. Discover the joy of hassle-free Scandinavian adventures with the tolltickets toll box Scandinavia.
Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark
Norway Lofoten View
Fjord in Norway
Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark
Norway Lofoten View
Fjord in Norway

Contract conditions

One single toll box and one single access fee for Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Get Scandinavia now and benefit from the huge discounts on toll charges for users of toll boxes in Scandinavia (20% in Norway, 62% on the Oresund bridge).


Shipping from 4.90€ in EU countries (4 units max)

Contract duration

All contracts on the use of toll services are concluded for an indefinite period of time.


Go! tariff: 9.90 Euro

Tour tariff: 9.90 Euro

Toll service charge on gross toll turnover

Go! tariff: 4%

Tour tariff: 3%

Loss / theft / damage / incomplete return / blocking

40 Euro

Compensation access fee if the toll box has not been used in the previous calendar year and was ordered more than 12 months ago

Go! tariff: 10 Euro

Tour tariff: not applicable

List of all toll transactions

Via invoice and in your customer account

Important notes for use

  • License plate linked: the device must always be linked to the license plate in which it is currently being used

  • Vehicle and toll box configuration changes can take up to 24 hours, depending on the toll operators’ administrative processes.

  • Motorcycles are exempted from the toll obligation in Norway. 

  • If you use a commercial vehicle above 3,5t, you need to carry the vehicle declaration provided by tolltickets in your vehicle when you drive in Scandinavia. This vehicle declaration needs to be updated in case of a vehicle change. 

  • To make use of the 60% rebate on the Oresund bridge you have to register on the Oresundbron website.

  • To use the rebates in Scandinavia, you need the digital PAN number. See below in the section "Validity and Use" for details.

  • A list of all billable ferries and bridges can be found below

  • Use toll lanes marked with the following signs: green BroBizz / AutoBizz / EasyGo 

  • Pay attention to coated windshields

Validity and Use

In Scandinavia, like so many freeways, highways, bridges, tunnels and ferries in Europe are subject to tolls. Even cities and towns in Scandinavian countries charge tolls. Cities in Sweden, such as Gothenburg and Stockholm have a city toll.
With tolltickets’ tollbox, traveling by car to Scandinavia via the Scandinavian toll network becomes convenient, fast and easy. The Scandinavia toll box is valid on toll freeways, expressways, bridges, tunnels and ferries in Norway (Autopass), Sweden and Denmark. You simply drive onto the green lanes signposted BroBizz / AutoBizz / EasyGo.


Rebates of from 20% to 62% depending on the toll charger are also granted. The toll, bridge or ferry charge is collected automatically as a debit to your account. To make use of the rebates you need the digital PAN number. You can view your personal digital PAN number for the relevant order in your customer account in the section "Toll boxes". Do not use the PAN number on the toll box label.

Validity in Denmark and Sweden

In Denmark, tolls are charged for driving on the bridges between Denmark and Sweden via Storebælt and the bridge-tunnel combination.

Storebaelt bridge:
  • The Storebaelt bridge is a 18 km bridge connecting the Danish mainland to the island of Zealand, where the capital Copenhagen is located.


Øresund bridge:
  • The Øresund bridge is a 16 km bridge, connecting Copenhagen to Malmö (Copenhagen-Kastrup (Denmark) – Malmö-Lernacken (Sweden)).

  • Users of a toll box can get a discount on the Oresund toll tariff of about 62% if they sign up for a yearly ØresundGO paid contract on the Oresundbron website. 

Validity in Norway

In Norway, new tunnels, bridges and road sections are always financed by tolls. Until the construction costs are paid off, the new Norwegian tunnels, bridges and roads remain subject to tolls. As in Sweden, Norway also charges tolls for some cities and towns. Since 2020, the Atlanterhavstunnel in Norway is toll-free.

The toll box Scandinavia can currently be used on the following ferry routes. Please click on the link to go to the respective ferry operators.

Ferry route Ferry operator
Abelnes – Andebeløy Boreal Sjo AS Boreal Sjø AS
Anda – Lote Fjord1 AS Fjord1 AS
Andenes – Gryllefjord (18.05.2022 – 04.09.2022) TFFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Arasvika – Hennset Fjord1 AS
Askvoll – Gjervik – Fure – Værlandet

Fjord1 AS

Aukra – Hollingsholmen Fjord1 AS
Barmen – Barmsund Vidar Hop Skyssbåter AS
Bellvik – Vengsøy Torghatten Nord AS
Bodø – Værøy – Røst – Moskenes Torghatten Nord AS
Bognes – Lødingen Torghatten Nord AS
Bognes – Skarberget Torghatten Nord AS
Botnhamn – Brensholmen Torghatten Nord AS
Brattvåg – Dryna – Fjørtofta – Harøya Fjord1 AS
Brekstad – Valset Fjord1 AS
Brevikeidet – Svensby TFFK v/Norled AS
Daløy – Haldorsneset GulenSkyss
Digermulen – Finnvik NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Drag – Kjøpsvik Torghatten Nord AS
Edøya – Sandvika Fjord1 AS
Eidsdal – Linge Fjord1 AS
Fedje – Sævrøy Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Festvåg – Misten NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Festøya – Hundeidvika Fjord1 AS
Festøy – Solevåg Norled AS
Fjelberg – Sydnes – Utbjoa Skyss v/Norled AS
Flakk – Rørvik AtB v/FosenNamsos
Forøy – Ågskardet NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Gjermundshamn – Varaldsøy – Årsnes Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Halhjem – Sandvikvåg Torghatten Nord AS
Halhjem – Våge Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Halsa – Kanestraum Fjord1 AS
Hansnes – Karlsøy – Vannøy TFFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Hansnes – Reinøy TFFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Hareid – Sulesund Fjord1 AS
Hatvik – Venjaneset Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Hisarøy – Mjånes Wergeland
Hjelmeland – Skipavik – Nesvik Norled AS
Horn – Andalsvåg NFK v/Torghatten Trafikkselskap AS
Horn – Igerøy NFK v/Torghatten Trafikkselskap AS
Husavik – Sandvikvåg Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Igerøy – Tjøtta NFK v/Torghatten Trafikkselskap AS
Jektevik – Nordhuglo – Hodnanes Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Jektvik – Kilboghamn NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Jondal – Tørvikbygd Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Kinsarvik – Utne Skyss v/Boreal Sjø AS
Klokkarvik – Lerøy – Bjelkarøy – Hjellestad Skyss v/Norled AS
Krokeide – Hufthamar Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Kvanndal – Utne Skyss v/Boreal Sjø AS
Kvanne – Rykkjem Fjord1 AS
Langevåg – Buavåg Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Larsnes – Åram – Voksa – Kvamsøya Norled AS
Launes – Kvellandstrand Boreal Sjø AS
Lauvik – Oanes Boreal Sjø AS
Lavik – Oppedal Norled AS
Leirvåg – Sløvåg Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Lyngseidet – Olderdalen TFFK v/Norled AS
Mannheller – Fodnes Norled AS
Masfjordnes – Duesund Skyss v/Wergeland
Melbu – Fiskebøl NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Mikkelvik – Bromnes TFFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Molde – Sekken Fjord1 AS
Molde – Vestnes Boreal Sjø AS
Mortavika – Arsvågen Fjord1 AS
Måløy – Husevågøy – Oldeide Fjord1 AS
Nesna – Levang NFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Nesna – Nesnaøyene Boreal Sjø AS
Nordnesøy – Kilboghamn (Rødyøysambandet) NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Nyvoll – Korsfjord TFFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Revsnes – Flesnes TFFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Rotsund – Havnnes – Uløybukt TFFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Rysjedalsvika – Rutledal – Krakhella Fjord1 AS
Sandnessjøen – Dønna – Løkta NFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Seivika – Tømmervåg Fjord1 AS
Skjersholmane – Ranavik Skyss v/Fjord1 AS
Skånevik – Matre – Utåker Skyss v/Boreal Sjø AS
Småge – Orta – Finnøya – Sandøya – Ona Torghatten Nord AS
Solholmen – Mordalsvågen Fjord1 AS
Standal – Trandal – Skår Fjord1 AS
Stangnes – Sørrollnes TFFK v/Norled AS
Stokkvågen – Onøy – Sleneset – Lovund NFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Stokkvågen – Træna NFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Stornes – Bjørnerå TFFK v/Norled AS
Storstein – Nikkeby – Lauksundskaret Torghatten Nord AS
Stranda – Liabygda Fjord1 AS
Strømsnes – Kjerringholmen TFFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Stårheim – Isane Fjord1 AS
Sund – Horsdal – Sørarnøy NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Svelvik – Verket Bastø Fosen AS
Svolvær – Skrova – Skutvik NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Sykkylven – Magerholm Fjord1 AS
Sæbø – Leknes Fjord1 AS
Søvik – Herøy NFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Tjøtta – Forvik NFK v/Torghatten Trafikkselskap AS
Vangsnes – Hella – Dragsvik Norled AS
Vennesund – Holm NFK v/Torghatten Trafikkselskap AS
Volda – Folkestad Norled AS
Volda – Lauvstad Norled AS
Øksfjord – Bergsfjord – Sør – Tverrfjord TFFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Øksfjord – Hasvik TFFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Øksfjord – Tverrfjord TFFK v/Boreal Sjø AS
Ørnes – Vassdalsvik – Meløysund – Bolga – Støtt NFK v/Torghatten Nord AS
Åfarnes – Sølsnes Fjord1 AS
Årvika – Koparneset Norled AS

Ferry routes not listed above are operated by ferry operators not included in the service and are currently not supported. If you have booked a suitable ferry in advance, please wrap your toll box in aluminum foil to avoid double bookings.

Vehicle classes

The tolltickets Scandinavia toll box can be used in Norway with all vehicles (even with trailer). Motorcycles are exempted from the toll obligation. 

Commercial vehicles and vehicle combinations with a maximum permissible weight of 12t and over also need the electronic Euro Vignette to use motorways in Denmark and Sweden. Busses are exempt from this. Pay attention to the information signs.


The Scandinavia toll box cannot be used for paying the congestion taxes in Stockholm and Göteborg or tolls on the Motala and Sundsvall bridges. The system for paying the congestions taxes and infrastructure levies is fully automated. When a vehicle passes a control station it is registered and the vehicle holder is sent an invoice by post

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Fantastic customer service and value for money!!

We have been using tolltickets for 11 years and just wanted to highlight how amazing a service they provide. We travel regularly through Italy, France and Austria and do not lose any time queuing - makes vacations stress-free. We have never had any technical issues, or packages lost, for over 10 years, great service.

Thank you all at the tolltickets team :)

Alex P

Fantastic Customer Service.
We ordered well in time prior to our travel.
However due to postal strikes & brexit, they didn't arrive on time.
Tolltickets were very understanding, and very helpful. Everything was done via email. They respond almost instantly. I wish more companies were like them, The world would be a better place if everyone worked to their standards. Thank you so much for your prompt responses, 1st class Customer service and the politeness of your whole team. We will definitely use you again next time we need the tollticket machines. Kind regards, Mr & Mrs Watson

Cherie Watson

I have been using Tolltickets for the past 5 years and they have been consistently super efficient. Their customer service has always been very good and delivery of Swiss vignettes extremely prompt and have never had any problems with picking up my toll boxes nor any problems with paying the invoices.

Anne Paul

We had been using the toll boxes for France and Spain from the company tolltickets for many years. Purchasing and installing the devices was very uncomplicated. The devices always worked perfectly at every toll station. The billing of the toll costs was carried out in a way that was absolutely comprehensible and was always correct. Within one day, we received competent, friendly and solution-oriented answers from the support team to inquiries by e-mail. Over the years we have always had a positive impression and can highly recommend this company and their products. We no longer need the toll boxes, but we would like to thank tolltickets for the very pleasant cooperation!

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Have been using the transponder in Italy since 2020. So far there have never been any problems. Inquiries to tolltickets are usually answered promptly.

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