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Experience the ultimate convenience of toll payments on French toll freeways with tolltickets' toll box France / Liber-t for light vehicles and France / TIS-PL for larger motorhomes. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual toll payments as you comfortably and automatically settle your tolls. Whether you're traveling in a compact car or exploring the open road in a spacious motorhome, our innovative toll boxes ensure a seamless journey. Embrace the freedom of effortless toll payments and make every trip through France an unforgettable adventure with the tolltickets toll box France / Liber-t and France / TIS-PL.
Eiffel Tower in the rays of the setting sun on the banks of the Seine River
Lavender field in Provence at sunset
Houses in old French village
Eiffel Tower in the rays of the setting sun on the banks of the Seine River
Lavender field in Provence at sunset
Houses in old French village

Contract conditions

Toll in France with the tolltickets toll box France / liber-t and France / TIS-PL


Shipping from 4.90€ in EU countries (4 units max)

Contract duration

All contracts on the use of toll services are concluded for an indefinite period of time.


Go! tariff: 9.90 Euro

Tour tariff: 9.90 Euro

Toll service charge on gross toll turnover

Go! tariff: 4%

Tour tariff: 3%

Loss / theft / damage / incomplete return / blocking

40 Euro

Compensation access fee if the toll box has not been used in the previous calendar year and was ordered more than 12 months ago

Go! tariff: 10 Euro

Tour tariff: not applicable

List of all toll transactions

Via invoice and in your customer account

Important notes for use

When selecting the vehicle class, in practice there is a certain ambiguity in the measurement of the vehicle. To select the correct toll box France or TIS-PL, see the explanations below under “Vehicle classes”.

toll box France / liber-t
  • Suitable for vehicle classes 1,2 and 5 in France

  • For vehicle and vehicle trains under 3m height and under 3.5t weight

  • Only the weight of the towing vehicle counts

  • It is essential that you read the "Toll domain specific instructions France liber-t" before starting your journey to France with your toll box France liber-t. You can find the document in the "Downloads" section of your customer account.

  • Pay attention to coated windshields

toll box France / TIS-PL
  • Suitable for classes 3 and 4 in France

  • For vehicles with over 3m height or with a weight over 3.5t or vehicles with >2 axles and a height of >3m or vehicle trains with an overall height of >3m

  • Superstructures like SAT or air conditioning are not counted for the vehicle’s measurement

  • Pay attention to coated windshields

Validity and Use

Toll France: which are the toll roads?

Toll operators in France charge tolls (péage) for the use of French toll freeways for all vehicles. Only in Alsace, Lorraine, Brittany and on the A75 is freeway use mostly free of charge and there is free travel without paying tolls. This also applies, as a rule, to freeways that run through or bypass conurbations. The amount of the toll or freeway fees depends on the distance traveled as well as the type and class of vehicle. In addition, the toll France is based on the costs incurred in the construction of the driven route.

Toll stations in France

In France, a distinction is made between closed and open toll systems.

Closed toll system A ticket is purchased on entry and paid on exit from the freeway. The amount is calculated based on the distance traveled.

Open toll system On some highway sections, a flat fee is charged at a toll station, regardless of the distance traveled.

Marking of the lanes

Lanes are marked according to payment options and staffing: Lanes with a green arrow are accessible to all vehicle categories. At the automatic Carte Bleu "cb" stations, only payment by credit card is possible. With the toll box France from tolltickets, it is best to use the Télépéage lane marked with a "t" This automatically records the toll charges, which are debited via your deposited means of payment.

Most toll booths in France rarely have staffed booths. Therefore, always carry cash or a credit card, or use the toll box France from tolltickets

Toll-free motorways/ Freeways

  • A35 (Alsace, from the German border to Mulhouse and on to Basel)

  • A36 Mandeure – Bessoncourt

  • A31 (from the Luxembourg border to Nancy)

  • A28 (Abbéville – Rouen)

  • A84 (Caen – Rennes)

  • A20 (Vierzon – Brive-la-Gaillarde)

  • A75 (Clermont-Ferrand – Pézenas or Montpellier)

  • A75 D786 Millau-Saint-Germain

  • A63 or A660 (Bordeaux – Arcachon)

  • A68 (Garidech – Albi)

  • E70 (Lyon – Saint-Etienne)

  • A34 (Sedan – Reims)

  • A10-A25-A23 (Calais – Valenciennes)

  • A77 Saint-Père – Sermoise-sur-Loire

Source (status from 05.2019)

Parking blocks

With the tolltickets toll box France, you can also pay parking fees automatically and easily in many parking garages. More information at Parkings list

City toll

Many cities in France have environmental zones. If air pollution is elevated, access restrictions are imposed in various regions. The environmental zones in France can be identified by the following marking: ZFE-m (Zone à Faibles Émissions mobilité).
Environmental zones that are permanent are called “Circulation différenciée/Differentiated traffic” and apply temporarily after certain concentrations of air pollutants are exceeded.
Larger cities in France are planning to introduce ZFE-m environmental zones. Before traveling to France, travelers should inform themselves about the location of affected regions.

Note on environmental zones

Domestic and foreign vehicles may only enter French environmental zones (“Zones à Circulation Restreinte”) if they have the emission sticker “Crit’Air”. The cities of Paris, Lille, Lyon, Grenoble and Strasbourg have now introduced such environmental zones, other communities may follow at any time. Detailed information can be obtained from the French authorities.

Tolls for tunnels and bridges

Tunnels and bridges, in addition to French highways, connect the country of France and Europe, so traveling Europeans and French quickly get to the vacation destination. European countries are connected to each other with tunnels and bridges. In the following tunnels and on bridges of inland and foreign countries, a toll is raised to drive on the roads.

Tolls in tunnels of France

  • Fréjus road tunnel (France-Italy)

  • Mont Blanc road tunnel (France-Italy)

  • Maurice Lemaire tunnel (Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines – Saint-Dié (Vosges))

  • Tunnel Prado Carénage Marseille

  • Tunnel Prado Sud Marseille

  • Tunnel Duplex A86 (Rueil-Malmaison – Vaucresson – Vélizy)

Tolls on bridges in France

  • Ile de Ré

  • Pont de Normandie

  • Pont de Tancarville

  • Viaduc de Millau

Vehicle classes

The toll box France / liber-t can be used with the following vehicle classes:

Class 1 light vehicles: vehicles with overall height of <2m and weight <=3.5t, train with overall height <2m and weight of towing vehicle <=3.5t

Class 2 intermediate vehicles: vehicles with overall height between 2m and 3m and weight <=3.5t, train with overall height between 2m and 3m and weight of towing vehicle <=3.5t

Class 5: Motorcycle, motorcycle with sidecar, tricycle


The toll box France / TIS-PL can be used with the following vehicle classes:

Class 3 Heavy Goods Vehicle or bus with 2 axles: vehicles with overall height of >=3m, vehicles with weight >3.5t

Class 4 Heavy Goods Vehicle or bus with 3 or more axles: vehicles with more than 3 axles and height of >3m or weight <3.5t, vehicle train with overall height of >=3m, vehicle train with weight of towing vehicle >3.5t

For class 3 and class 4 vehicles (vehicles with a height of >3m and a weight of >3.5t or more than 2 axles) you need a toll box France TIS-PL. In practice, however, the boundaries between vehicle classes are often interpreted differently. Vehicles over 3.5 tons but under 3 meters high therefore require the liber-t toll box for passenger cars. Only if a vehicle is significantly over 3.5 tons and 3 meters high, the TIS-PL toll box for vehicle classes 3 and 4 is required.
The measurement is based on the pure vehicle height. Superstructures are not added. The above classifications are based on practical experience. tolltickets does not guarantee the actual classification of the vehicle. This is done automatically at the toll station.

The toll box France / TIS-PL must be used in France only. For driving in Spain and Portugal use the tolltickets Iberia toll box and wrap the TIS-PL toll box in aluminum foil.

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Fantastic customer service and value for money!!

We have been using tolltickets for 11 years and just wanted to highlight how amazing a service they provide. We travel regularly through Italy, France and Austria and do not lose any time queuing - makes vacations stress-free. We have never had any technical issues, or packages lost, for over 10 years, great service.

Thank you all at the tolltickets team :)

Alex P

Fantastic Customer Service.
We ordered well in time prior to our travel.
However due to postal strikes & brexit, they didn't arrive on time.
Tolltickets were very understanding, and very helpful. Everything was done via email. They respond almost instantly. I wish more companies were like them, The world would be a better place if everyone worked to their standards. Thank you so much for your prompt responses, 1st class Customer service and the politeness of your whole team. We will definitely use you again next time we need the tollticket machines. Kind regards, Mr & Mrs Watson

Cherie Watson

I have been using Tolltickets for the past 5 years and they have been consistently super efficient. Their customer service has always been very good and delivery of Swiss vignettes extremely prompt and have never had any problems with picking up my toll boxes nor any problems with paying the invoices.

Anne Paul

We had been using the toll boxes for France and Spain from the company tolltickets for many years. Purchasing and installing the devices was very uncomplicated. The devices always worked perfectly at every toll station. The billing of the toll costs was carried out in a way that was absolutely comprehensible and was always correct. Within one day, we received competent, friendly and solution-oriented answers from the support team to inquiries by e-mail. Over the years we have always had a positive impression and can highly recommend this company and their products. We no longer need the toll boxes, but we would like to thank tolltickets for the very pleasant cooperation!

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Have been using the transponder in Italy since 2020. So far there have never been any problems. Inquiries to tolltickets are usually answered promptly.

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